reading-on-couch[1] “If books are not good company, where shall I find it?” ~ Mark Twain

I’d have to agree with the classic author on this point. I can think of few things more enjoyable than sitting down with a good book. Many of you might suggest that if reading is the most enjoyable thing I do all day, I should hurry out and get myself a life. But I would respectfully disagree. Truth is, I have a good life. I have a family who loves me, a job that supports me, and a network of friends I cherish. My love of books diminishes none of these wonderful aspects of life. Books don’t detract, they add. Insight. Information. Humor. Adventure. Romance. Imagination. Inspiration. The list could go on, but you get the point.

Plus, books never complain when you put them down for something else. Their feelings aren’t hurt when you don’t get back to them for weeks at a time. They never hide their secrets, at least not for very long. Books invite you into their world instead of shutting you out. Books can add excitement to a boring week or add a touch of solace to a hard day. And what I’ve found most appealing about books is that they keep me company when I feel all alone. When I’m really into a good book, I connect with the characters like friends, some of whom I enjoy connecting with over and over again.

It’s not that I believe books can replace real life, they just add texture to it. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the books that have added the most texture to my life, and I’d love for us to compare lists. Think about the books that have most impacted you and why, then post them each week in the comments section. I’m eager to see your choices.

Until then, happy reading!