It’s an old argument, but one my friends and I can’t seem to settle. While I understand the appeal of watching the action unfold on the screen, I still find plenty of excitement seeing the action come alive on the page. I’ve found that the best authors create a story so alive, it pulls you in and doesn’t let you go, so maybe the root of the problem doesn’t lie in what we’re watching, but in what we’re reading. Since the debate isn’t likely to be resolved easily, I figured I’d post the top reasons I like reading more than watching. If you have better ideas or even opposing ones, please share them in the comment section. I’d love to hear them!

Vickie’s Top Ten

10. I can enjoy without monopolizing the space. (At my house, the person watching the t.v. commands the main living area. You either submit to the noise or go somewhere else. My books make no noise at all.)

9. I can switch between two stories without missing the action in either.

8. I can walk away from the story and come back to it any time I want, without having to start from the beginning.

7. I can skim through the boring stuff.

6. I don’t have to search for the remote.

5. I can create my own picture of the characters.

4. Outside noise doesn’t interfere with dialogue.

3. I don’t have to wait for air time.

2. I can take the action with me.

1. No commercial interruuptions.